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About Wish House
About Wish House
The Wish House

The Wish House is a place for the curious and open-minded, the young and young-at-heart. Our shop offerings delight the eye, inspire the spirit, and engage the senses.


The shop features lifestyle products that range through exotic, homey, natural, and multicultural.


Catering to all age groups, we offer a wide range of body care products, candles and home accents, kitchenware, baby clothing and toys, and several lines of women’s clothing and accessories.


Featured brands include Ana Design, Fred and Friends, Jelly Cat, Koziol, Mary Meyer, Point a la Ligne, Vance Kitira, and Zutano.


We also offer cookbooks for your ever-changing dietary needs and books by local authors, signed and ready to be read and enjoyed.


Our offerings change with the seasons and there are no boundaries to our product range.


A dose of humor is always appreciated.